Factors for choosing an order ring

Factors for choosing an order ring

Buying an engagement ring is an important step, the event of an engagement ring does not happen every day and, if you already think that that person is special, everything that should surround the event, including the engagement ring, should be.

Now, at this time we are going to have many doubts about what to look for, how to choose an engagement ring, that is what we are going to try to clarify in this article even knowing that the most important thing is that you like it, but, let’s see what to look for to organize a perfect marriage proposal.

The engagement ring and engagement rings

Proposal tips

The first thing we have to think about is that the engagement ring is not the same as engagement rings . The engagement ring is to make the hand request , generally it is usually something of average value to later give something of a higher price.

In our country, the engagement ring It is usually given as a gift by the groom’s parents during the engagement event, where the families present themselves, although they generally already know each other.

Find the order ring

When you go to the jewelry store they will ask you many questions, they will ask about you and your partner, they will want to know if your preferences are towards something more classic or something more modern.

They will surely show you examples (since it is usually an already created piece) and they will explain the qualities and characteristics of each piece.

It is good to have extra information from friends or family regarding tastes, since, as we told you at the beginning, perhaps the most important thing is to feel comfortable with the ring.

From there you will see if you can like white or yellow gold more, the colored stone that can “fit” the most, or if it is better to buy a half wedding ring or something solitary (for the more classic ones).

The traditional thing is that a diamond “crowns” the ring, symbolizes the queen of gems, the hardest and purity as it is colorless. However, more and more people are opting for other things looking for touches of “innovation” and that is also good and should be taken into account.

Many grooms choose to go to the jewelry store with their mother-in-law who have even previously attended with the bride in the form of trial and error, it is not usually the most common, but it is good advice. In any case, you will decide if you are going to buy alone or with someone.

Generally, brides who do not want a diamond are looking for sapphires, rubies or emeralds, although there are some more daring who may like something else. That is why good communication with the bride’s family is so important.

Issues such as size and style must also be present. The customization of this takes about 20 days to adapt the drawings, it is best to do everything in time.

Finally, we must think about two important issues, our budget. Think that the minimum is going to be over a thousand euros although the average is around 1000 and 3000 euros.

The time to order it is also something to keep in mind, the preparation time is around the month, but we can always find details to change. If everything “fits” from the beginning there is no problem, but think that the drawings must be prepared, the mold made, the prototype to find the best gems and make the jewel.

A lot of communication, patience and plenty of time to order and choose. That would be the best summary of what you can do to find the perfect solution.

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