Engagement rings

What is an engagement ring?

An engagement ring is one that, according to Western customs, is given as a gift in order to indicate your commitment to marry.

Traditionally in Spain a meeting was held between families and an official request for a hand was made. However, this custom has practically fallen into disuse and nowadays the man gives it to the woman during a trip or giving some other surprise.

In which hand is it placed?

The ring is worn on the ring finger (which according to tradition contains the amoris vein). In most of the world it is traditionally carried in the left hand, however there are also geographical areas in Europe where it is placed on the right, and even in Spain it varies depending on the region (Catalonia, the Balearic Islands and Valencia on the left and the rest of Spain on the right until the wedding). The best thing is to look at where it is usually placed in your area of residence and in any case always where it is most comfortable and we feel like it.

What materials is it made of?

Regarding the materials from which the engagement ring is made, it is recommended to choose between 18 kt gold or platinum as they are the most valuable and appreciated metals. On the other hand, the diamond will be the gem par excellence for being the most valuable, pure and symbol of the perfection of all the precious stones that exist and its value will vary depending on the purity, color, weight and size.

It will always be advisable to use white gold over yellow because a good quality diamond will look much better.

Types of engagement rings

In the first place, it is essential to take into account the tastes and the way of being of the woman who is going to wear it when choosing the most appropriate engagement ring. We have to know if you like the sober and simple or on the contrary you like the more complex designs.

To help you, we have made a selection of engagement rings that will help you decide based on the personal tastes of your fiancee.

The Solitary Ring:

When it comes to an engagement ring, most people think of a brilliant solitaire.

This model is the most classic and traditional of engagement rings. It would consist of a ring with a single diamond generally set in a claw so that the diamond is in the air and the light makes the diamond shine with greater intensity. This will be the most classic and sober of all the engagement rings.

Within this type of ring we would find different model variations.

1. The solitaire ring set with 4 claws

A smaller diamond requires fewer claws. This is not to say that the solitaire engagement ring is less attractive. It is not always the size that matters. Some women prefer a simple ring that can be worn every day.

Solitaire ring set with 4 claws  Solitaire ring set with 4 claws

2. The solitaire ring set with 6 claws

The larger the shiny, the more claws are needed to hold it in place. The engagement ring set with 6 claws is more spectacular.

Solitaire ring set with 6 claws  solitaire ring set with 6 claws

3. The princess cut

The princess cut diamond solitaire engagement ring is becoming more and more fashionable. The beautiful square shape of the princess cut looks modern and is a perfect alternative to the classic brilliant cut diamond.

Princess cut ring

4. Cross solitaire ring

The crossed solitaire ring is a design that in recent years has become more fashionable. It breaks with the traditional shape of the classic ring in which the symmetry of the frame is straight.

Cross solitaire ring  Cross solitaire ring

5. Solitaire ring with side diamonds

This is another of the favorite options of current brides, since the classic shape of the traditional solitaire ring is fused with the diamond alliance. This option makes the ring much more spectacular.

By including small diamonds, the brightness of the entire frame is increased. On top of that, the center stone will look larger in contrast to the smaller diamonds.

Solitaire Ring with Side Diamonds  Solitaire Ring with Side Diamonds  Solitaire Ring with Side Diamonds

Diamond wedding rings

This is a very current option that is very frequently used. It is characterized by a setting made up of several diamonds of the same size around the arm of the ring.

Brilliant alliances can be complete, that is, with diamonds around the entire ring, but the most common would be the half diamond alliance, with diamonds occupying half of the ring. This second option makes much more sense since only the diamonds that are usually seen will be set and its price will be much lower than the previous one because it is just half the number of diamonds, in addition to having the flexibility of being able to change its size when desired.

Diamond wedding rings  Diamond wedding rings

The option of the half alliance of diamonds has spread a lot due to its informality and less appearance to wear any day without losing elegance and sobriety.

On the other hand, the option of diamond alliances will allow you to play with different types of diamond cuts or even combine them.

Diamond wedding rings  Diamond wedding rings

Color Engagement Rings

Since Prince Charles gifted Diana of Wales with the wonderful sapphire and diamond ring that Kate Middleton now wears, one thing has become clear: engagement rings don’t have to be set only with diamonds.

There is an immense variety of colored gems such as ruby, sapphire or emerald that can give a great originality to your engagement ring.

Color Engagement Ring  Color Engagement Ring

Personalized Engagement Rings

Finally, for those who want something unique, personalized designs are a very good option since using 3D technology you can design the ring to your liking, with the measurements, gems and characteristics that you want, making a design real that will mean something to you. and your fiancée and have the assurance that no bride will wear a ring like it.

It has many advantages because you are the one who can specify the price that the ring will have, in addition to the material that the craftsman will use.

(For more information enter the section “ Custom Jewelry ”)

Diseña tu joya. Fases

And finally remember that you choose what you choose for sure she will appreciate it so we recommend that you be yourself and give what you really want.