Custom Engagement Rings

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Custom Engagement Rings

The decision to find an engagement ring to take the first step towards a life together can be an absolute burden. Endless designs, shapes, sizes, types of gold and budgets, which consume time and end up pressuring the groom to buy a jewel that could have been more successful with a timely recommendation from the experts.

The engagement rings They have the peculiarity of accompanying the future bride for the rest of her life. Which is why it is essential to consider many aspects and not just the budget.

The preferences and tastes of the bride outline a unique piece that the groom can customize exclusively for her without much problem, how? -With specialists.

There are two ways to choose an order ring:

1. Choose a ready made design or create an exclusive one. It will not depend more than on you. The budget issue, in these times of competitiveness and quality of service, no longer represents the final decision when choosing a jewel. The options depend on other factors.

2. Select between rings of orders displayed in shop windows, catalogs or websites, created in series and that you will only choose for pleasure or because you assume that “he may like it” or an option will please you more, adjusted to his personality and taste.

When you make the decision to personalize an engagement ring, you should know that the success of your investment will be assured and that apart from representing a symbol, it has a story that reinforces the bond, making it even more special for you.

How to personalize an engagement ring

Looking at engagement rings and making the decision to purchase a personalized piece may raise the question of how to do it. It is enough to think about how to mold feelings, tastes, personality traits and a whole love story into her, so that there is a little fear about it.

The personalized engagement rings They are the revolution of the symbol of love and it is not only styled in the engagement ring but also in wedding bands.

Consider that, as it is a personalized jewel, you will have to answer a series of questions from the team of designers to outline an exclusive creation and that it melts as a detail on your part.

You must bear in mind that the elaboration of the jewel will be a process. A development full of magic and anecdotes that you will later tell her. In this process, you must select materials, stones, shapes, size and style, hand in hand with our team.

You only have to worry about enjoying this stage of creation where you, are the protagonist and she, your inspiration.

Ring customization process

The client looks for a photograph of the piece they want or shows us their own sketch or by using 3D jewelry design technology and with the help of our jewelry designers from our Madrid workshop we will make your dreams come true.

The jewel can be made in both platinum and 18 karat gold (white, yellow, or pink) combined with your favorite precious stones: diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, tanzanites, topaz …

Personalized Engagement RingsAt German Joyero you can create your own personalized engagement ring through our 3D design service. In addition, you will find the most complete catalog of rings for jewelery in Madrid.

Request an appointment with our designer, a quote via email to or fill out this form to give a unique, exclusive and quality jewelry to your loved ones in these special dates.

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