Invest in gold

Germán Joyero offers you 24 karat GOLD in sheets and ingots for investment at the most competitive price in the market.

The sale price will be the spot value at the time of purchase plus €2.5 per gram (minimum 100 grams of purchase), and from 500 grams the increase will be €2 per gram.

The gold is presented in investment gold bars of 24 karat and 100 grams of minimum weight, the bars are certified by the Argor-Heraeus refinery based in Switzerland.

The delivery time is five working days, and as it is an investment product, it is exempt from paying VAT*

Investment in gold - Gold bars to invest

* According to decree 77/388 / EEC, investment gold is exempt from paying Value Added Tax (VAT) as long as it is physical gold, that is, gold bars and coins.

Gold and its colors

In jewelry, pure or 24 karat gold is not used because it is too soft. Instead it is mixed with other metals to obtain a stronger and more durable alloy, and depending on the metal and the proportion with which it is mixed, one color or another is obtained. It is therefore the proportion of pure gold that is used that defines the law and the metal with which it is mixed that defines the final color of the alloy.

75% gold and 25% other metals would result in a gold with a grade of 18 carats that is the usual in Spain, and if the proportion of gold were lower, it would result in gold of a lower grade, for example 14 or 9 carats, much more common in other countries.

In terms of color, an 18-karat gold alloy will be made up of 750 thousandths of pure gold, while the remaining 250 thousandths may be:

  • Copper (RED COLOR)
  • Copper (70%) and silver (30%) (PINK COLOR)
  • Copper (50%) and silver (50%) (YELLOW COLOR)
  • Silver (GREEN COLOR)
  • Silver (14%), copper (14%) and palladium (72%) (WHITE COLOR) *
Gold percentages

Therefore, depending on the alloy used with gold, we can make jewelry with very different types of gold, greatly expanding the variety of models and offering completely different jewelry designs to customers.

Gold colors in wedding bands


* It is important to note that the percentage of palladium shown here is the one we usually use in our workshops and is not the usual one in the market, being generally a lower percentage or even non-existent. A high composition of palladium guarantees the durability of the white tone which, on the contrary, tends to yellow in other alloys that lack it when the usual rhodium plating applied to all white gold alloy disappears due to wear and tear of use. the piece, hence its importance.