Artistic gems

At German Joyero, we are excited to introduce our revolutionary precision-cut artistic gemstone service, a unique approach that takes jewelry customization to a new level of exclusivity and artistry.

This service is complementary to our 3D custom jewelry service because in addition to making your own jewelry, you can add a custom or finished artistic gemstone created by precision cutting, ensuring that each piece is truly unique and custom-made.

Egor Gavrilenko, who leads this innovative service, is an outstanding doctor in Geology and Gemologist, with an impressive track record as former director of the Analysis and Certification Laboratory of the Spanish Gemological Institute (IGE). Today, Egor is recognized as one of the leading experts in advanced lapidary in our country, which guarantees unparalleled quality and precision in each gemstone worked.

Egor uses his vast knowledge and technique to sculpt each selected gem, transforming it into a work of art. This approach not only highlights the natural beauty of gemstones, but also reflects the wearer’s preferences and personality.

Gem “Yin-Yanj

We invite our clients to explore this exclusive service at German Joyero, where each piece of jewelry is a celebration of individuality and the advanced art of stoning, offering a fully customizable and unique luxury experience.