Wedding rings


Once the engagement ring is delivered and the wedding is organized, the wedding rings are acquired to formalize the link in the ceremony. They are usually the same or similar and are chosen by both grooms. Yellow gold wedding rings are the most classic, but rose gold, white gold, and platinum are also excellent choices.


Alliances are the quintessential symbol of marriage. About its origin, there are multiple theories, although one of the most accepted is the connection that joins the ring finger to the heart through a vein that communicates them. This vein has been known since the time of the Greeks as the vein of love. Others place the origin in the time of ancient Egypt perpetuating love with a circular shape.


The most used material is yellow gold, although white gold and platinum alliances can be seen.

Yellow gold is usually used because the alliance is a jewel that is not usually removed and because it is in the hand it usually has much more wear.

With white gold we have the drawback that due to its use the rhodium layer will disappear very quickly. On the other hand, there is the most exclusive option of platinum, which as it is not alloyed with any other material, the white color does not vary and its maintenance is reduced to a polish every long time.

Inside the ring, the name of the bride and groom and the date of the wedding are usually engraved.

Types of wedding rings

The design is usually simple and elegant, generally in Spain no gems are added and smooth models are used, however there are more and more couples who demand more innovative models in which small diamonds or some type of precious stone are allowed to be embedded.

Here are some examples:

Half Round Alliances

They are the simplest of all and possibly the most demanded for their simplicity. It could be considered the most classic alliances of all. They always go in yellow gold and are called half round because of their curved shape. It can be a normal or high half-cane, everything will depend on the curvature you want.

Half Round Alliance

Flat alliances

This is another of the most classic options. It is timeless and simple.

Flat alliance Flat alliance

Two-tone wedding rings

If what you want is something different, there is always the possibility of combining two or even all three colors of gold, giving it a different and alternative touch.

Bicolor alliance Bicolor alliance

Platinum wedding rings

As we have said, this would be the most exclusive option since as it is not alloyed with any other material, the white color does not vary and its maintenance is reduced to a polish every long time.

At German Joyero we give it a touch of distinction with avant-garde designs in which we even combine gold with platinum.

Platinum Alliance Platinum Alliance Platinum Alliance Platinum Alliance

Brilliant alliances

This option is not very widespread but instead it is very common in Anglo-Saxon countries. It consists of a ring with several small diamonds, usually set in white gold or platinum.

The diamond wedding band has the advantage of being able to be combined with the solitaire request on the same finger.

Alliance of brilliants Alliance of brilliants

Custom alliances

Finally, it should be noted that little by little the personalized design of alliances is being imposed, with the intention of creating a unique jewel. Here an appointment is requested at any of our jewelers in Madrid and a professional creates together with the client a wedding ring design that is limited only by imagination.

Personalized alliance Personalized alliance