Jewelry with pearls: A classic that never goes out of style

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Jewelry with pearls: A classic that never goes out of style

The pearls are elements formed in nature that have accompanied us as an aesthetic element since the dawn of mankind. It is known that, from the beginning, to be buried with pearls or to be possessor of many of them was a symbol of power, wealth and status in many ancient cultures such as the Egyptian, Phoenician, Greek or Roman.

Nowadays, it is very common to find jewelry with pearls, something that is usually considered both to wear on special occasions such as weddings, baptisms or important business dinners or simply to “dress up”.

The fact that pearl jewelry is affordable for everyone opens up many options for all tastes and pockets.

Natural or cultured pearls

It is very difficult to find them in the wild, although it is a matter of luck. Probability does exist. However, you can look for natural pearls in the market for your jewelry, although these are extremely expensive. jewelry although these are extremely expensive.

The process of intervention to “cultivate” pearls is not a very complex process and, in fact, these pearls do not have much to envy to the so-called “authentic” ones. To do this, a small “layer” is implanted inside the mollusk in order to produce the nacre somewhat faster than in nature. Obviously, the higher production means that these cultured pearls do not have such a high price.

How to choose the right one

If we are looking for a pearl jewelry and we have doubts about what we have to pay attention to, we will tell you the following factors:

The type of pearl

We already know that the natural ones are more difficult to obtain and, therefore, more expensive. The most valuable are South Sea pearls, both golden and white, although we will talk about color later on.

As for the cultivated ones, there is much more variety, but it is good to keep this in mind and look for one of the two options from the beginning.


When we talk about color, we mean that pearls have shades in their colors. Normally, with a primary and a secondary color that we notice as we approach it.

Obviously, we will have to pay attention to the color because we have to like it, after all.


We call luster the amount of shine it has. This is determined by the thickness, degree of translucency and arrangement of the nacre layers.

Keep in mind that size has nothing to do with nacre, since a small pearl may have a lot of luster while one harvested too early may end up looking dull.


You can find many shapes and it is something that goes in tastes, since you will find spherical, symmetrical or baroque shapes.

To know if it is authentic

You must also know whether you are looking at something original or something made of plastic or glass that is a counterfeit. We can notice this to the touch, as the surface of the real ones is irregular, while we will notice that the fake ones are too flat.

Conservation tips

If you carry out a series of care, you can extend the life of your jewelry much longer, we are talking about things like avoiding direct contact with perfumes, alcohol, makeup or soaps. Never shower with pearls on.

Store the pearls in a place with a constant temperature, of course you should avoid at all costs heat sources such as nearby stoves or radiators.

Clean the pearls after use, this can be done with a very soft chamois and water to remove any residue from the body after use. Even if you don’t wear them for some time, it is necessary to clean them at least once a year if you don’t wear them very often.

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