Trends in bridal jewelry

Trends in bridal jewelry

LOURDES ITURRIAGA PRESIDENT OF GERMANJOYERO, gives us his opinions, the result of his long experience in jewelry on trends for weddings and these days we will take the opportunity to ask questions that are frequently raised. White gold or yellow gold? In general, Lourdes tells us that the glamor is provided by the bride and groom and the wedding should be as they want it to be. This is how it should always be, whether it is an informal, short or very gala wedding, a simple or very sophisticated celebration. The simplicity or sophistication of the bride’s jewelry will be determined by the style that they mark and her taste. In the first place, regarding the material of the bride’s jewelery: In Lourdes’s opinion: The most widely used material for bridal jewelery is white gold, although yellow gold is preserved in the alliances. In recent times yellow gold has increased its demand, let us not forget that the natural color of gold is yellow , and on the other hand white gold is more delicate. In any case, we encourage you to participate in this chapter on the color of gold in jewelry for the bride, we would like to know your comments about your preferences, specifically what do you think is more important for the choice: White gold or yellow gold?

The design or the material used? We will continue in the next few days with the conversation with Lourdes Iturriaga that we hope will give us many good ideas. You can also follow us on Facebook. See you soon, we are waiting for you! The Germanjoyero team

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