German Joyero incorporates PESAVENTO jewelry in Madrid

German Joyero incorporates PESAVENTO jewelry in Madrid

In the emblematic heart of Madrid, at Avenida Concha Espina 5, German Joyero is proud to incorporate PESAVENTO, an Italian firm renowned for its innovation and contemporary style, to its exquisite selection of jewelry. Founded in 1992 by Marino Pesavento and Chiara Carli, the brand is the result of a perfect union between creativity and culture, dedicated to transforming precious materials into exclusive “Made in Italy” creations.

Chiara and Marino, the company’s Sun and Moon, are the centers of a creative energy that permeates each piece of jewelry, making it unique and recognizable. This source of inspiration is clearly reflected in each collection, which bears the unmistakable stamp of its designers. The Pesavento team, composed of passionate and dedicated professionals, has positioned the brand as one of the most prominent on the international scene.

The arrival of Pesavento at German Joyero adds a touch of boldness and elegance to our fine jewelry offer. Customers can explore a variety of pieces that combine traditional Italian craftsmanship with a modern approach, becoming true works of art. Pesavento’s jewelry is available to be admired in our showcases or through the online purchase option, thus offering access to these magnificent designs to both locals and visitors from all over the world.

Each Pesavento jewel is designed to capture the imagination and highlight the wearer’s natural beauty. From delicately crafted bracelets to stunning rings and fashion statement necklaces, each item reflects the brand’s legacy of innovation and quality. We invite our customers to visit German Joyero to personally experience the sophistication and exclusive artistry of Pesavento. Our expert team is always available to assist visitors in choosing the perfect piece that not only complements their individual style, but also celebrates exceptional Italian craftsmanship.

With the addition of PESAVENTO, German Joyero reaffirms its commitment to offer the best in luxury jewelry, continually raising the standard and diversifying its catalog with pieces that appeal to both tradition and modernity. Discover how these exquisite creations can enrich your personal collection by visiting us in Madrid or browsing our online selection.

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