How to clean jewelry

how to clean jewelry

How to clean jewelry

To maintain the beauty and splendor of the jewels, it is necessary to know how to clean each one, according to the materials and its design.

Diamonds, emeralds or another type of gemstone are not the same. That is why it is convenient to know what substances are used to clean precious stones and that they remain as the day they left the workshop.

Clean diamonds

It is recommended a solution of water and ammonia (or better, a mild and neutral detergent) where to immerse the jewel. Using a small brush, gently scrub the diamond to remove dirt (the back is the dirtiest), rinse and dry well before storing. Do not touch the diamond with your fingers but rather hold the jewel by its edges. Oil from your fingers can make it dirty again.

Cleaning other gemstones

It will depend on what stone it is. If they are jewels emeralds, sapphires or rubies, it is best to clean them after use with a clean, slightly damp cloth. And every two years take them to your jeweler for a thorough and professional maintenance. You should not expose them to salt water (neither do pearls), much less to toxic and corrosive substances such as chlorine.

On the other hand, substances such as sweat, perfumes or hair fixers can dirty the stones, so it is advisable to clean the jewelry after each use. Once a year, they can all be washed with a mild detergent and water, and lightly brushed to remove dust and possible chemicals. The final step is to rinse and dry them very well, so that they do not have any trace of moisture.

Cleaning precious stones is not complicated, you just have to be careful of the soap you use, rinse them with plenty of clean water and dry them thoroughly. Your jewelry will regain its natural shine.

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