Custom jewelry in 3D

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Custom jewelry in 3D

The 3d technology is revolutionizing the world of custom jewelry design! Creating your own jewel is now possible and that is why today we want to talk to you again about this new system, which make anything you can imagine come true

You will be able to feel the exclusivity in the first person knowing that you are creating your own jewel : a unique jewel in the world that only your you’ll enjoy. Or feel like a real Hollywood actress wearing the jewels of your actresses favorites, you’ll only be missing the red carpet!

On German Jeweler Any thing is possible!

The system is very simple! You just have to come to see us or write us an email at  Explaining your idea and the rest we take care of ourselves, but always under your supervision.

Initial design

First of all we will create with you a initial sketch in which we will shape your idea, agreeing with you which materials we are going to use: white, yellow, pink, platinum, amethysts, sapphires, diamonds, turquoise, etc. The number of possibilities is endless.

In this case we want to show you our latest creation: a beautiful ring, full of details, that represents the world of olive trees.


Second stageThe second step that we will take will be to implement the idea of the sketch to the program of 3d design . At this time, a continuous contact will be maintained so that you can make the modifications that you consider appropriate to make it the jewel of your dreams.

Once this step is completed, a mold will be created using a 3D printer, which will shape the molten gold. Next, the gems will be set, and finally our artisan jewelers will give a final review that will leave the piece in perfect condition.


This new jewelry design system will fulfill all your dreams: from the most personal piece full of sentimental meaning, to the one that may be inspired by one of your favorite hobbies, movies or books. It may seem something ‘geek’, we prefer to call it customization.

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