Engagement ring in fancy cut

Engagement rings in fancy size

Engagement ring in fancy cut

The engagement ring is a very important symbol for any couple, so it must be chosen correctly, according to the bride’s personality and how special the engagement has been. After all, it reflects a promise of eternal love between the two people.

Before selecting the setting, you must first start with the diamond cut, among the great variety offered by the fancy cuts, which we will discuss below.

Types of fancy engagement ring sizes

Among the fantasy sizes that exist for engagement rings we have the following:

Engagement rings in fancy size

Princess cut diamonds

This is a fancy cut diamond that is characterized by being totally square and is perfect for an engagement ring, because it has about 76 facets that has the ability to cause a reflection superior to the brilliant.

In addition, it is much cheaper than a glossy and has a similar bearing to a glossy. The most popular sizes are those of equal length and width.

Heart cut diamonds

The heart-shaped fancy cut diamond is one of the most romantic diamonds for engagement rings, as it is a symbol of love that shines very well thanks to its rounded pavilion. It has a bearing similar to that of the brilliant, but its price is much lower, even by up to 30%.

When choosing this size for your engagement ring, take good care of both the proportions and the cut, so we recommend that your measurements are equal in width and length.

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Cushion or cushion cut diamonds

The cushion diamond is quite popular, it has a beautiful sparkle and lots of fire for well-cut and well-proportioned diamonds.

The cushion diamond is very often found set as a center stone in engagement rings or diamond rings.

Quite a few celebrities have chosen a cushion diamond for their engagement ring, such as Ivanka Trump who chose a 6 carat cushion diamond for the engagement ring given to her by Jared Kushner.

Because cushion diamonds have rounded corners, they are less fragile than princess cut diamonds with sharp corners. Therefore, there is less risk of damage.

The great advantage of this cut is that with the same weight, a cushion diamond is cheaper than a round brilliant diamond.

Oval cut diamonds

These are diamonds whose cut is very similar to that of a brilliant, since they have an oval shape and have about 5 facets that make them an elegant alternative for an engagement ring. engagement ring The oval shape of these diamonds accentuates the size of the fingers. It has a very attractive appearance and is usually priced more economically than a brilliant, at least by 15%.

In this case, the most attractive oval size is usually the one that has a proportion equivalent to 1 in width by 1.5 in length, as it is neither too elongated nor too round.

Emerald cut diamonds

It is another very attractive fancy size for engagement rings that is characterized by having a fairly large central table and about 48 or 50 parallel and rectangular facets that are quite attractive and elegant, as they provide a very interesting look.

This engagement ring cut can be found for a much lower price than a brilliant, up to 25% less. In this case, we recommend sizes whose proportion is close to 1.5 to 1, as they are the most elegant.

Pear-cut diamonds

This is an engagement ring size that is composed of 58 facets in total and has a teardrop-like shape. It is quite similar in appearance to a brilliant and is usually priced about 20% less than a brilliant.

The most elegant pear sizes that exist for this type of jewelry are those with a proportion equivalent to 1 in width and 1.50 in length.

Marquise cut diamonds

It is an elongated cut diamond, which usually makes the fingers of the hand look more elegant, as they have a great look for its cut and proportions, which have the particularity that the length is equivalent to twice the width of the gem. In addition, they are usually up to 25% cheaper than a glossy.

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