How do you make a marriage proposal?

How do you make a marriage proposal?

How do you make a marriage proposal?

Asking the person you love and cherish to marry you is a wonderful moment in your life. However, it is not simple. You will feel a lot of pressure building up on you to make a good marriage proposal.

To help you ask this question that can change your life, we are going to leave you some tips and keys to consider before buying engagement rings.

Make sure they have the same plans

Before you think about proposing marriage, you should make sure that your partner wants to get married or that the idea of marriage is on his or her mind. To find this out you can talk about the future and what he expects from it. This way, you will know with certainty about his plans and what he seeks to achieve in his life.

Communicate with friends and family

The tradition of asking your family for your hand in marriage has gone out of fashion, however, it is not a bad idea to communicate with your relatives, if you have a good relationship with them, to get their opinion and they can accompany you in the process.

On the other hand, your friends can help you with the organization of the proposal. However, limit the number of people who know your intentions to ensure that everything is kept secret until the key moment of the question.

Think about your personality

To make the perfect proposal you should think about your partner’s personality. Not everyone enjoys grand extravagant gestures and, for that reason, you should plan everything around their tastes and preferences. A good way to find out what kind of proposal you might like best is to ask him questions about other viral proposals to see what he thinks of the situation.

Choose the perfect engagement ring

Once you have the idea of proposing in mind, you should budget for the ring. Generally, it is advised to cost the equivalent of three months of your salary, but you know best what type of ring is within your budget and what type is not.

In addition, you must take into account their size. To avoid asking her outright and ruining the surprise, you can look for a ring that she wears regularly and take it to the jewelry store where you are going to buy the engagement ring.

Do not rush

Once you’ve planned everything out, you’ll want to propose as soon as possible. However, keep your composure and let the situation flow.

Relax and think about yourself

Although the marriage proposal focuses on your partner, you should not neglect your desires and preferences. Think about what you want and the type of proposal you would like to make. It’s a question with the potential to change the course of your life as well.

Plan your wardrobe

For your wardrobe, remember that you will have a box with the engagement rings in your pocket. So it is important that you wear something comfortable and equipped with large pockets that can easily hide the rings.

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