What is the meaning of an engagement ring?

Meaning of engagement rings

What is the meaning of an engagement ring?

The engagement ring is one of the oldest traditions of our days, however many of us do not know its real meaning. Besides, there are several types of rings that tend to be confused with this one because they are related.

Next, we will give you some tips so that you will finally know what is the meaning of an engagement ring.

The solitaire ring is not the same as the engagement ring.

This ring is the one that women receive from men at the moment of asking for their hand. The jewel is made of a noble metal that can be silver or gold. However, there is a subtle difference between a solitaire ring and an engagement ring. engagement ring . This consists of the first one having a diamond set in it.

The engagement ring can have other precious stones such as sapphires, emeralds or rubies. Which depends on the taste of the giver.

But the diamond has a special meaning because of its hardness, since it refers to the solidity of the love that the couple professes to each other.

But isn’t the engagement ring the same as the engagement ring or the solitaire ring?

In reality they are different. The engagement rings, and its variant the solitaire ring are usually given at the time of the proposal of marriage. With them, a marital commitment is acquired in front of the family.

While the engagement ring is given to the couple when the “yes” to the big question is received. With this, a marital commitment is made to the loved one. In this case the woman can also give an engagement ring to the man.

When given to the couple, what is the significance of an engagement ring?

Once you give the couple an engagement ring, you are giving your word of marriage. Therefore, the meaning of the engagement ring is the expression of the love professed by the one who gives it to the one who receives it.

Generally, it is placed on the ring finger of the left hand which is traditionally given and signifies that through this finger goes a direct vein to the heart which will be replaced in the not too distant future by the wedding ring.

A tradition that continues

This tradition of giving engagement rings, contrary to what some people think, is still valid today, since it is a sign of mutual love that is always appreciated and well received by the bride and groom.

For this reason, the tradition of giving an engagement ring is not only still being done, but is continually growing.

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