Diamond wedding bands: Latest trend in engagement rings

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Diamond wedding bands: Latest trend in engagement rings

Diamond wedding rings are one of the great competitors of the classic solitaire rings of a lifetime. Today, diamond alliances are a trend as engagement rings due to their simplicity, minimalism and versatility.

Diamond alliances are eternal and we have a wide range of possibilities with them, from the marriage request to other good types of equally special moments.

It is perfect for a gift for the birth of a baby or to surprise your partner on a special birthday or anniversary. Really, the most important thing in diamond alliances (as in engagement rings ) is that your partner remember how special that event is with you and that unites you even more if possible.

Types of diamond wedding rings

There is an important variety of diamond alliances that we can find in the market to give to our loved one. Among them, we can highlight the following:

Brilliant cut diamond wedding band

We can choose the brilliant size for our diamond engagement rings . It is a true aesthetic marvel for anyone’s eyes.

Princess cut diamond wedding band

We can find white gold alliances, in this case, the princess cut usually has 31 diamonds set with 4-point staples.

Half diamond wedding band

We are talking about something more sophisticated than the above, with 21 diamonds made in 18-carat white gold.

Black gold diamonds

This type of ring is very elegant, thanks to its dark tones.

Alliance style

Really, if you are looking to buy engagement rings, the best advice we can give is to look at something that we like. Keep in mind that you are going to carry this gift as a memory for your whole life. Ideally, you are comfortable with that gift. But if we can clarify a small question.

Choose a model where diamonds are set on the surface, for example, a garnet or pavé setting, chaton or bezel are good options.

Gems to choose

If you are going to buy this type of alliances, you must choose between the colors, for example, a sapphire can be combined with white gold or platinum. You can also use rubies and emeralds, although it is important to note that the metal is durable, for obvious reasons.

Of course, it should depend on your budget to make a final decision as to what to buy. The trend, yes, is to buy different precious metals and combine them in an original way.

Diamond cuts for 2021

In this year (and surely in the years to come) we are going to see more and more originality in the shapes and in this combination of metals and stones that we talked about earlier.

The classic brilliant is giving way to oval-shaped diamonds, in addition, the latter type tends to have a larger surface area.

We also see the pear shape as one of the shapes that are sweeping this last year. In addition, this shape is usually quite elegant.

Finally, the combination of precious stones and the search to adapt it to the character of the loved one is something that is also seen very frequently. Sapphire, emerald or ruby are some of these precious stones with which people want to assimilate that and make it “something more” than a simple detail, which is even more important than mere symbolism.

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