What to give on mother’s day

give jewel mother's day

What to give on mother’s day

 A very special date for everyone is approaching, Mother’s Day. In Spain it is celebrated on the first Sunday of each month of May. This year 2019, it will be on May 5. However, not in all countries it is celebrated on the same day, in the United Kingdom it is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of Lent while in the United States it is celebrated on the second Sunday of May.

Do you know since when this day is celebrated in Spain? The answer is from 1965, when the ecclesiastical authorities chose to celebrate the feast in May, within the month consecrated to the Virgin. It is a very important date in the calendar in which our mothers are honored and they are thanked for how much they do for us every day. There is no doubt that the best gift is to enjoy family company during this day, but having a detail with your mother never hurts.

From  German Jeweler We have made a selection of the most special jewels to give on Mother’s Day. Express with a jewel what you cannot say in words!


BALL AND PEARL EARRINGSEarrings composed of an 18 kt yellow gold sphere. to which a cultured pearl applique fits. PVP: € 370 

gold pelas earrings


LARGE HOOP EARRINGS : 18 kt yellow gold earrings. in the shape of a ring with an outer diameter of 22 mm. PVP: € 490


Creole earrings




DUCHESS EMERALD RING: 18 kt yellow gold ring. set in the form of a classic border with a central oval cut emerald, surrounded by diamonds set in claws with a total weight of 0.12 cts. PVP: € 690


emerald duchess ring



SILVER AND PINK OPAL EQUILIBRIUM PENDANT:  From our silver collection we highlight this precious pendant made of sterling silver and mounted with pink coral in cabochon cut. Includes black silk cord. This collection refers us to that ideal form in which matter shows itself to us: the circle, the sphere. The gem is integrated into the circumference, in an apparent suspension, connecting and suggesting the movement that gives meaning to said shape. PVP: 149 €




For the most creative people who want to design their own jewel and make a very special gift, we have a  3d custom jewelryThe process is very simple and hardly increases the cost of manufacturing the jewel. Just three easy steps and you will have the jewel in your hands!


3d custom jewelry. Diamond solitaire











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