Weddings: tips to be the perfect guest

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Weddings: tips to be the perfect guest

have you been invited to a wedding? In that case you cannot ignore certain protocol recommendations that German Jeweler gives you to become the guest that any bride wants to have at her wedding. Keep reading to solve all your doubts about the protocol to be followed in these ceremonies.

1. As soon as you receive the invitation to the wedding, you must confirm your attendance as soon as possible, since this greatly facilitates the work of organizing the bride and groom.

2. The gift must be more or less proportional to the price of the cover. Often, the invitation includes a wedding list with the bride and groom’s wishes; otherwise, buy something original and useful, do not make the typical boring and useless gift.

3. When looking for the dress you must take into account a series of rules, such as the one that eliminates black and white colors from your range of possibilities. The white one because it would take away the prominence of the bride, and the black one because it can be somewhat dull and boring.

4. You also have to take into account the time at which the link is held. If it is in the morning, the dress you choose should be short (knee length), pastel colors and completed with a hat or headdress, and simple makeup. However, if the ceremony is in the afternoon, the colors intensify and the dresses lengthen, accompanied by higher heels, a more elaborate make up and sophisticated headdresses. It is important that the headdress or hat you choose is comfortable, since you will have to wear it until you finish eating or dining.

5. If it is a religious wedding, avoid strapless dresses and plunging necklines. Another solution is to use a little bullfighter that goes with your look, but try to avoid the scarf or pashmina that will transport you to the last century.

6. As for jewelry, it is important that you do not overdo it, but that the ones you wear stand out and make you shine. Play with the colors of the jewels and the dress, creating cheerful and modern looks, or elegant and sophisticated. Remember that to this type of event it is not advisable for women to wear a watch.

7. Try to be punctual. Start your beauty ritual in time to be able to arrive at the ceremony fifteen minutes in advance.

8. At the end of the link, congratulate the couple, but let the closest friends and family do it first.

9. At the banquet, sit at the table only when the bride has done so. Accept the site that you have been assigned, do not change it. Leave the bag behind (between the back and the back of the chair), or on the floor, but never on the table. Ah! And remember to turn off the mobile or put it in silent mode.

10. Don’t overdo it at the party. Don’t be the queen of the dance floor, but don’t sit around while everyone else is having fun. Dance with the couple and friends, take advantage of the songs that you don’t like to talk with the rest of the guests… And when you decide to leave, don’t forget to say goodbye to the couple and thank them for the invitation.

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