How to make jewelry

How to make jewelry

The process of make jewelry It can be done manually or by hand or industrially. We are going to focus in this article on the jewels manufactured at an artisanal level.

Assembling the jewels

On many occasions, when it comes to make jewelry , the most important thing has been the assembly of the jewels . For that, we must know the crimping technique, this consists of assembling the jewels .

This technique, which was part of the process of make jewelry since always it is now a trade in itself given its specialization. This is inconvenient in the sense that the person doing the setting is independent of make the jewels .

To set we need inexpensive tools, such as burins, a lighter or an alcohol lamp, wooden supports, a sealing wax to fix the pieces and good lighting.

The burin is a steel profile that is used to cut metal, you can make adjustments to the saddles, trim the metal among other things, for this job, it must be prepared, you need a flat burin, another finished in half round and a last of nail.

For make jewelry You also need a pusher, this element makes it easier to place the piece on top and close the mount, preventing the stone from falling.

Jewelry finishes

It is possible to give many types of finishes to them, since the objective is a good polish. Before, a good casting and a good grinding must have been done, something key to eliminate the presence of any scratches.

You can make jewelry using a manual polishing, it is best to do it with a polisher, although I don’t know if we can really qualify it as manual.

During the polishing process we differentiate two stages, the first consists of debaste, this is to eliminate the scratches left by the previous grinding. This is done using abrasive pastes.

The next step is polishing, in this case abrasives are used. At the end, the piece should be polished with a soft cotton beret and the piece should be dried last to remove any traces of moisture.

In this process, the shape of the jewel must also be taken into account, since the final polishing has to be done accordingly.

The welder

Another of the processes in the construction of a jewel is the welding, through it, a solid and invisible union is provided between different metallic elements that constitute the piece of jewelery.

For this we need to have supports where to apply the fire to the piece. It is also important to use fluids to avoid oxidation that occurs when welding. Among them, we can mention borax, which is applied by mixing it with water. This should be applied with a brush on both sides of the piece.

The most commonly used welders in jewelry are gas, for example, in small workshops we can see welders with a blue cylinder, which is activated by a bellows that allows the air that exerts the pressure to pass through.

We also have oxidic welders, which are much more precise, in these cases very specific jobs can be done more quickly.

Basic techniques

Among the basic techniques we can mention the filing of the pieces, for this there are several types of jewelry files that you can see in any jewelry, since they are used for many things.

Grinding is also done to avoid imperfections, they are abrasive papers that are gradually reduced while the process is being carried out.

We can also cut if we need to adjust or eliminate a small part of the jewel material. For that a jigsaw is used.

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