Tips for choosing your earrings

Tips for choosing your earrings

We have already commented on the importance of the shape of your face when selecting your earrings well, but there are many other factors that you should also take into account when making this choice, as the neckline type what do you look like, you hair color or the hairstyle that you carry. If you want your bet to be a success, don’t miss our post today! 

  • Neckline: if you look It features a garment with a neckline, it is important that you know what type of earrings you should add. If your top or dress has a v-neck, we recommend you long thin earrings  don’t downplay it. If you wear wide necklines, boat type  or word of honor, you can take advantage of the lack of elements to add spectacular earrings, larges and bulky. If you prefer to opt for the long neck, we recommend eye-catching earrings but not too big.

Earrings according to type of neckline


  • Hair color: we all know which tones favor us and which ones do not. We explain the theory to you so that you can apply the practice!

Women  redheads, like the actress  Emma Stone They tend to have a lighter skin tone, so vivid colors will stand out more; If this is your case, we recommend jewelry with  emeralds sapphires  or  corals, They will suit you great!

The lighter the hair, the softer the face; the blond, like the actress Charlize Theron,  brings sweetness to the features and therefore we must continue with the same line with jewels of White gold  and pastel shades. But if you want them to stand out a lot, the rubies  they are your stone! If you also have blue eyes, gems of the same tone, such as the turquoise  wave tanzanite, They will be perfect for you!

As a general rule, brunettes, like the actress Demi moore, they tend to have a darker complexion, so colors that illuminate your face will be your best allies, and is there something that brings more light than a Diamond? Join the king of precious gems and let him illuminate your features. The pearls  They can also be an ideal option for more informal moments; and if you want to add a touch of color, the amethyst  it may be the perfect choice.

Hair color

    Hairstyle type: 
    This factor also has a lot to do with making the right choice with your earrings.

Straight hair

If you choose the free hair, and your hair is very fine and straight, we recommend that you wear large earrings, with rounded and showy shapes that add some volume to your face. We propose these white gold and diamond earrings that, being composed of three “buttons” give another dimension to the look.


     Short or collected hair     


 If you have the short hair or if you bet to wear the hair collected, you can take advantage to show off some XXL earrings that attract the attention of all eyes. You can choose diamonds that make you shine, or combine the colors of your outfit with those of your accessories.





If your hair is curly and with volume, it is best that you choose some straight earrings and with fall, not too big so that they do not detract from your curls. We recommend that you bet on some striking earrings because of their color or brightness, not because of their size.


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