Gemological certificates

GIA gemological certificate

Gemological certificates

The gemological certificates They are official documents issued by a laboratory, usually prestigious, where the characteristics of the different gems that are purchased are detailed, whether they are diamonds, emeralds, rubies, etc.

In this document, the purity, color, weight and size of each gemstone are written, which constitutes, as it were, the DNI of the jewel you buy. The jewelry store delivers them. Before these certificates were not produced, so many times buyers did not have a way to prove the quality of the stones and were scammed.

What do gemological certificates have?

Using international parameters, laboratories study diamonds and certify their characteristics, which will never be the same from one stone to another. Each laboratory has its own format, but in general the information included in the gemological certificates is the following:

• Type of stone (if it is natural, treated or synthetic diamond. Likewise, if it is emeralds, sapphires, rubies, etc.)

• Colour

• Purity

• Size

• Exact weight, including two decimal places

• Carving quality: polished, cut and symmetry

• Exact measurements in millimeters

• Fluorescence level

• Diamond drawing (if it has impurities, they will be pointed out)

• Name and signature of the gemologist, or barcode if GIA certified

Gemological certificates are necessary to demonstrate the quality of the gemstones, the type and shape (whether they are diamonds, emeralds, sapphires or rubies) and sometimes their geographical origin. Gemological laboratories Although there are many gemological laboratories around the world, prestigious jewelers usually work with one of the following three:

Gemological Institute of America GIA

It is one of the most prestigious laboratories in the world, with offices in various countries (United States, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Thailand, South Africa, Israel, Japan, India, Korea, Botswana).

HRD, Antwerp Research Scientist

Equally prestigious and impartial, it is another of the most important gemological laboratories.

International Gemological Institute IGI

It has offices in Belgium, Thailand, Japan, India and the United States, and is also a reliable and serious laboratory.

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