Religious jewelry: the new fashion

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Religious jewelry: the new fashion

A religious jewel can be seen beyond a jewel as such. It symbolizes a religious background that ranges from Christianity to other beliefs. Its users may or may not be aware of this fact, the reason is because there is now a fashion factor dictating its use in society.

The rise of religious jewelry is preceded by social networks and their use by great stars of international fame, as well as global firms with campaigns that exhibit allegorical pieces of religions. With this trigger, the tendency has been to use them despite not being a believer or many times, to ignore the meaning of the piece.

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Religious Jewels and belief

Many times we have thought that religious jewelry is only for people who practice a religion and nothing is further from the truth. They display them for the symbolism they represent, but there is a wide range that reflects their own feelings and beliefs until they are considered amulets or symbols of faith.

A religious jewel, according to its quality, can manifest great details in its finish that make it even more special and the perfect option for a gift or to wear expressly as a complement or with that mystical charge that encompasses the human faith within Spirituality.

For the range of religious jewelry, there is a great diversity of materials, shapes and designs, faith and style can be matched perfectly.

The characteristics of the design can differentiate a piece from being considered any jewelery piece or an authentic jewel with a spiritual character.

Religious jewelry as a gift

There are celebrations in which a religious jewel represents the best gift, be it in gold, for baptisms, communions and other reasons for celebration.

It is enough to know a little about the range of pieces on the market and choose a design according to the person being honored, from crosses, virgins, pendants, rings, rosaries, amulets to key rings. For example:


Of the range of religious jewelry, the rosary is one of the most widespread pieces that make it a symbol of reliable Christianity. Their designs adapt to all tastes and, therefore, to all pockets. Its history dates back to an object that aided the litany and devotional prayer that began as “the prayer of the Rosary” in the Middle Ages and its practice spread as spiritual reflection or as a method of indulgence and forgiveness.

They are religious jewels that comprise a necklace with stones, pearls or beads that symbolize various prayers and slide as the prayer phase progresses.

Possessing so much detail and history, make this jewel a piece worthy of showing fine details and refined finishes without leaving aside its spiritual charge.

rosary ring

Prayer ring

Its origin is due to the night of all time. It concentrates the energy of many cultures and symbolizes eternity, infinity, stability and a sense of integrity, which is why it has been associated with a value of power and authority.

Within the Christian context the rings symbolize the bond of union, be it the episcopal ring that symbolizes the union between the Church and the bishop or the union of wedding rings, which are the blessed bond of the spouses through God.

Charms, crosses, pendants

It is this group of religious jewels that reflect those that apart from adorning, fulfill a spiritual protection function within the religious belief. From crosses of different sizes and designs with special care, passing through amulets such as the hand of Fatima. Represented by a hand with five fingers that, within the Muslim religion, is decorated with an eye on the palm, called “The Eye of Allah” or in the Hebrew version with the Star of David.

The medal or cross of Saint Benedict that shows a solid trust in God.

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