The bride and groom are in luck!

Emerald ring draw with diamonds

The bride and groom are in luck!

I’ve never seen so many magical wedding ideas. Perhaps the crisis is leading the business involved to make the necessary purchases as much as possible for the bride and groom so that they can carry out their dreams of that day, special offers and discounts without losing a bit of glamor.

Costumes, accessories, bouquets, wonderful trips and as in the last Ritz event even a raffle of a wonderful diamond and emerald ring made by Germán Jeweler . I attach photos taken by Alberto Cob at the Hotel Ritz dela  DisneyNovias Fair – February 19, 2012.

In some you will see the room where it was held, others of the draw,  and of the young woman who  won a hairstyle and bridal tryout.

Congratulations in advance to everyone who has to plan their wedding in these months. Hugs for all.

Signed: Germán Joyero’s team

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