How to choose the perfect earrings if you have a round face

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How to choose the perfect earrings if you have a round face

An ordinary day. You get ready to go to work, take a walk, enjoy dinner with friends or have fun at an elegant party; and the usual dilemma arrives: What do i wear We cannot give you the definitive solution, but we do want to provide you with some useful advice from the field we know best: jewelry, specifically in choosing the perfect earrings for you on every occasion.

exist five factors influencing this decision: color of your hair and skin , the hairstyle that you wear at that time, the chance in question, the clothing and the shape of your face . We will talk about this last factor, dedicating our post today to those women who have rather round faces. 

Kristen Dunst and Ginnifer Goodwin, two actresses with round faces


If you think this is your case, you should know that the earrings that can best suit you are the long that they can sharpen your face . While those that are voluminous and with rounded shapes will make your features appear rounder and will give you more volume.

Types of earrings recommended for rounded faces

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