Engagement Rings: The Latest Trend to Ask for in Marriage

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Engagement Rings: The Latest Trend to Ask for in Marriage

In the universe of love and commitment, engagement rings have evolved beyond being simple jewelry; they have become tangible expressions of eternal love and lasting commitment. Currently, one of the most outstanding trends is the careful choice of these jewels, which have acquired a special prominence at the time of proposing marriage. From classic models to custom designs, engagement rings have captured the imagination of modern couples looking for more than just a ring. In this article, we will explore the different types of engagement rings, their history, why they are so popular today, and how to customize them to make them truly unique.

Types of Engagement Rings: Beyond the Classic Ring

Engagement rings have evolved significantly over time, offering couples a wide range of options to express their love. Among the most popular types are:

Half Alliance

This option, popularized in Spain after King Felipe VI chose it to propose to Queen Letizia, features diamonds that cover only half of the band. Practical and comfortable for everyday use, it maintains a balance between elegance and functionality.


With three diamonds representing the couple’s past, present and future, this choice is sentimental and profound. ideal for those who are looking for a ring with a transcendental meaning.

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Full alliance

Although engagement rings are usually half diamond wedding rings, a full diamond wedding ring can also be custom made to show off the diamonds on the entire ring. A very original option although you will have to be more careful with the possible blows that can affect the shiny ones.

History and Popularity of Engagement Rings: A Journey Through Time

The tradition of giving engagement rings has its roots in ancient Rome, but the inclusion of diamonds in these jewels is a more recent phenomenon. In the 15th century, Archduke Maximilian of Austria presented Mary of Burgundy with a diamond ring as a symbol of their engagement, thus starting a trend among the European aristocracy.

Over time, the availability of diamonds increased, making them accessible to a wider public. In the 20th century, advertising campaigns positioned the diamond as the ultimate symbol of eternal love, consolidating its presence in engagement rings.

Today, the trend for diamond engagement rings is making a strong comeback, driven by the quest for personalization and meaning. Each style reflects a unique history, fusing tradition with a contemporary twist.

Where to Buy and How to Customize: The Importance of the Right Choice

Purchasing engagement rings is a significant decision and, therefore, choosing the right place is crucial. Researching other couples’ reviews and experiences with these establishments is essential to ensure quality and satisfaction.

Some important aspects to consider when purchasing and customizing engagement rings include:

Stone Selection

Choosing the type, size and quality of diamond is crucial. Jewelry stores often offer a variety of options, from classic diamonds to more modern and sustainable stones.

Band Design

The material of the frame (gold, platinum, silver, etc.), its thickness and style (smooth, textured, braided) can be customized to reflect the individual taste of the couple.

Inscriptions and Unique Details

Engraving dates, names or special messages on the inside of the band adds a personal and sentimental touch, turning the ring into a truly meaningful work of art.

In conclusion, engagement rings are not simply jewelry; they are symbols of love and the intention to share a life together. The choice of a wedding ring, whether it is a half wedding ring, triplet or full wedding ring, reflects the history and values of each couple, making it a unique expression of an eternal commitment.

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