Presentation of the blog German Joyero

Presentation of the blog German Joyero

For a long time (to be exact in our last 65 years that we have been working in the world of jewelry in the city of Madrid), we have observed some things that have always saddened us, why do people know so little about jewelry? Why are people embarrassed to ask about jewelry? Why do people get so much respect when entering a jewelry store? We do not have an exact answer to these questions. We suppose that people “short” ask either because they feel uncomfortable by high prices or because they think that jewelry is something almost exclusively used by high society (something uncertain in our opinion). Well, after those questions we have asked ourselves another one. Why is there no good jewelry blog that answers these questions?  Therefore we have decided to do our bit and make a blog to solve all those doubts not only to our clients, who have been the first to ask us to do this blog, but to anyone who wants to learn about the wonderful world of the jewerly. 

Periodically we will publish comments, thoughts and ideas about what jewelry represents from our point of view. With this, our main objective is to end this misinformation, bring jewelry closer to people and get everyone  let us love as we love jewels. 

All our comments will be based on our experience as jewelers with three generations behind us and on our gemological training, since all of us who are going to write on the blog are gemologists with a high specialization acquired in Spain (IGE), in Antwerp ( HRD) and in New York (GIA), hoping to be as objective and clear as possible.    

Signed: Germán Joyero’s team 

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