Types of jewelery setting

Types of jewelery setting

Types of jewelery setting

Generally speaking, setting is the way to set diamonds and gemstones to shape greedy jewels.

This process is artisan and requires expert work, not in vain, it is about maintaining the jewels in good condition for as long as possible.

There are several types of setting, each with its characteristics and that we must know to know more about what to look for when choosing our jewelry. In the tension setting, the diamond stays in a small groove leaving part suspended in the air, hence the name of the type. Gems of sufficient hardness are usually used, since, if not, they tend to break.

We can define 9 the degree of hardness from which we can see this type in our rings or rings . The setting chaton is the oldest known method, it is a thin metal strip that surrounds the stone. This method is very safe and has a lot of durability. It is suitable for jewels of people with a lot of activity and jewels with a lot of use, since they will not break because of it.

The garnet setting is when many stones are put together giving the feeling of a larger gem. The pieces are put together by means of metal grains. Obviously, the bigger the jewel , the more complex this technique becomes.

Finally, the bar setting is the one that we can see in emerald, baguette or brilliant stones. Here they are placed on a small strip of metal in the likeness of the tracks of a train, they are also used in gems of hardness greater than 9.

We cannot forget about the rail setting, where the gems are placed in a row by means of a small rail. This shape also allows a lot of security and protection to the gems.

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