How to invest in gold?

Invest in gold

How to invest in gold?

Gold represents one of the most stable financial instruments in the world, which is why its demand has increased notably, as many people have preferred to invest in gold because it is a perennial resource that guarantees the preservation of assets in the medium and long term.

Investment gold is a safe bet for any person who wishes to have a stable patrimony, since it is an instrument that is maintained even when the world economy suffers some imbalances.

When to make the investment?

If you want to invest gold and you are wondering when is the right time to do it, you should know that there is no way to know this for sure. However, many investors resort to different indicators or techniques that they apply when making the investment, with the objective of obtaining as positive a result as possible.

Reasons to invest in gold

There are different reasons why investing gold is a wise decision, because when there is some kind of instability in the economy, investment gold becomes the best way to secure securities or wealth. Even this operation can help you make a profit while saving.

Therefore, the stability that gold presents compared to other financial resources is what makes it so desirable for many investors today. In addition, its price has been increasing, guaranteeing a medium to long-term gain.

Buy physical gold or opt for investment funds?

At the time of invest gold it is always better to opt for the physical, because it is a resource that does not lose its value over time and is not exposed to difficulties that may cause losses, such as banking instability, low interest rates, volatile stocks, among others. It is always safer to rely on physical investment gold.

In what presentation to buy gold? Coins or bullion?

To invest physical gold, you have the alternative of selecting the presentation in which you wish to hold it, either in coins or bullion. This is something that you should not take lightly, whether or not you are an expert in the field, so we advise you to seek information on the subject so that you can decide which one is best for you.

Investing gold in one or another presentation depends directly on the needs of each person, as well as the premium of the product, the available budget, the time you want to keep it before trading it, the place where you will store it, the profits you want to obtain, among other factors.

Is gold a precious metal subject to VAT?

No, this is precisely why it is known as investment gold, since its price is not subject to income tax, whether you buy it in bars or coins. This is something that does not happen with silver, for which a 21% tax must be paid, since it is a very volatile metal in the stock market world.

How should physical gold be stored?

Before buying gold coins or bullion, it is necessary to identify a safe place where you can store these products, an aspect that depends directly on your personal preferences.

However, today you have three traditional alternatives such as a safe deposit box in your home, a safe deposit box in a bank or hire the storage services of a company. Any of these three options is a safe way to safeguard the investment gold you own.

Germán Joyero offers 24 carat GOLD in sheets and ingots for investment at the most competitive price in the market.

The sale price will be the spot value at the time of purchase plus €2.5 per gram (minimum 100 grams of purchase), and from 500 grams the increase will be €2 per gram.

The gold is presented in investment gold bars of 24 karat and 100 grams of minimum weight, the bars are certified by the Argor-Heraeus refinery based in Switzerland.

The delivery time is five working days, and as it is an investment product, it is exempt from paying VAT*

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