The largest amethyst ever found

Empress of Uruguay

The largest amethyst ever found

The largest amethyst ever found was found in Uruguay in 2007. This spectacular mineral is named “The Empress of Uruguay” It is 3.27 meters high and weighs two and a half tons. It is currently on permanent display at the Australian museum The Crystal Caves , which has one of the most important gem collections in the world.


 The Empress of Uruguay at the Crystal Caves museum 

Amethyst fills the month of February  clarity , serenity and integration

This semi-precious gem is the mauve variety of the quartz , and has its origin in Russia , Germany , IndiaUruguay  or Argentina , among other sites. Amethyst grows in geodes -Spherical cavities full of crystals that are found among volcanic rocks-, although they can also be found in the form of drusen -Crystals that cover the surface of a stone-.     

                                                               Crystals that cover the surface of a stone

Its color may vary in its intense d in fun tion of the can tity of or x gone  d and iron what and  contains, in addition, is a gem very  susceptible to heat Therefore, when heated to more than 300º C, it changes its color to shades such as brownish-brown, yellow or orange.



Amethyst is a gem that does not require too much care, allowing it to be passed from generation to generation in perfect condition; However, it is advisable to follow a series of guidelines so that your jewel looks like the first day:

  • Avoid contact with perfumes, creams and cosmetics in general.
  • Do not expose too long to sunlight, as its color could lose intensity.
  • It is advisable to protect it from sudden changes in temperature that can change the tone of the gem.

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