Tips for selling jewelry

buying and selling jewelry

Tips for selling jewelry

AND We have said that a jewel in addition to being beautiful can be a good investment , and in times of crisis many people have been able to verify it, He sold the jewels he had hoarded so he could balance the accounts.

Jewelry sale

To help you in this matter we tell you our opinion about the different options that exist to sell jewelry:

  • The Buy-Gold: the undeniable advantage is the ease with which the money is obtained. Generally, the establishment will weigh the jewels, determine the gold grade (see the post dedicated to the gold purity), they will ask you for identification, and you will leave with the money. The valuation of the jewels will be done only by the weight and the purity of the gold without taking into account in many cases the gemstones (diamonds or other precious stones they contain) or their design, and even less for their sentimental value. In addition, in the Compra-Oro establishments generally they do not allow to buy these jewels again, since it is usual that they are sent “immediately” to a company for casting, which eliminates the possibilities of claiming at a later time after the sale if For example, the seller believes that he may have been misled by the appraisal or weight of the jewel. Regarding the possibility of claim, it is even more remote when this operation is carried out through the internet, since the interested party must send the jewels and will receive an assessment that, once accepted, will not be able to rectify, because the pieces will have already been cast. The weight is better that you verify it in a scale before going to the establishment, and as for the purity of the gold, you can usually see it in a small mark on the jewel that usually puts 750 if the piece has a grade of 18 carats ( the most widespread in Spain) which corresponds to a purity of 75%. If this is the option chosen to sell your jewelry, it is preferable to look for sales that have been established for a long time, a good option is the small jewelers that have been converted into sales, and always look for establishments in main streets to prevent possible robberies on the way out.
  • Pawnshops and Pity Mountains: the operation of this type of entity consists of lending the money leaving the jewel in exchange for a period of time. The money will have to be returned within the established period, plus an amount for interest and the jewels left as a pledge can be recovered. This option offers greater legal certainty by belonging to a savings bank and because, in case the user does not pay the agreed amount, the mount of piety will auction the jewels and, if what they obtain for them is greater than the amount of the debt , will refund the difference.
  • Auction houses: There is also the option of selling the jewelery at an auction house, where the piece will be valued more if it has rhinestones or is old. However, it must be taken into account that the auction house generally takes a commission of between fifteen and twenty percent of the sale price, and that the sale of the piece will take at least 2 months, so you have to go with less rush. A good option is to take the pieces to be appraised to several auction houses to choose the one that offers a starting price that interests us the most. This is the most recommended option for pieces that have a value beyond their weight in gold, either because of the stones it may contain or because of the artistic value of the jewel.

And you, what option do you prefer?

In case you want to sell diamonds we recommend
CVD Gemologists for being one of the most important specialists in buying and selling diamonds in Spain. You can also go to a brokerage company such as Arte y Diamantes to advise you and manage the sale of jewelry according to their characteristics.

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