Jewelry appraisals

jewelery appraisals in german Jeweler

Jewelry appraisals

Jewelry appraisals are necessary for inheritance distributions, insurance, notaries, jewelry sales and many other reasons. In this blog we explain everything there is to know about jewelery appraisals.



An appraisal is a report that explains the technical and economic characteristics of jewelry, carried out by a gemologist-appraiser. It is important that the professional who carries out your appraisal generates a official report sealed by the Association of Jewelry Appraisers (AETA); In addition, said document must contain the following information:

    • Photography of the pieces. Inspection and analysis of metals and other materials.
    • Gemological analysis of the precious stones and other gems that make up the piece.
    • Assessment
    • Appraiser’s stamp and signature


It is convenient that the professional who makes the report is a gemologist and appraiser because:

    • The gemologists they have enough knowledge to be able to analyze, identify and classify gems in order to make a correct evaluation. 
    • The appraisers jewelry companies need to have the official gemology title to be able to carry out these appraisals.



The appraisal service is essential in cases as important as inheritances insurance , judged , endorsements or buy and sell of pieces, among others.

Many times the distribution of inheritances can be a matter of discussion in many families, since it is difficult to establish a target price for the jewelry that is inherited. In addition, the sentimental value of these complicates the task of putting a price on them. For this reason, it is important to go to a professional appraiser who evaluates its value objectively, through the study and the appraisal procedure, thus avoiding any family conflict that may arise.

It is also essential for those cases in which you want to sell a jewel, thus avoiding possible scams or scams.



From German Jeweler We recommend always going to great professionals for this type of service, and TJM Appraisals meets this requirement.

They will conduct your study in a official , following the AETA format: all the pages of the report will be numbered and stamped by the specialized gemologist. its philosophy goes according to the current code of ethics , formed by the following principles:

    • Save absolute confidentiality of its actions, which may not be disclosed except at the request of the parties or by legal imperative.
    • Have no commercial interest In the present, nor in the immediate future do you foresee on the pieces that are the object of the appraisal.
    • Not being related to the requesting party due to family ties that restrict their independence and neutrality .
    • Perform all exams and calculations according to his good judgment and better to know and understand.


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