White gold VS yellow gold

warm and cold skin

White gold VS yellow gold

The jewels They are beautiful, all women love them, we dream of them, we want to feel UNIQUE, PRETTY AND EXCLUSIVE. Many times we think that any GOLD color will make us look incredible, but the truth is that we must know some tips to look like a “QUEEN”.

To know which gold color favors us, yes, WHITE OR YELLOW GOLD, German Jeweler recommends the following tips:

Is my skin warm or cold?

 We must observe the color of the veins on our wrist, if they are bluish we will be COLD SKIN  and  WHITE GOLD color jewels will look better for us. If, on the other hand, our veins are greenish we will be made of WARM SKIN and in this case the YELLOW GOLD jewels will look better and if we have veins of both colors it means that we are made of neutral skin; In other words, both metal colors favor us.

Another way to check what type of skin we are, is with a mirror in front and with our hair collected we will put an orange cloth near our face and then another pink one, we will observe which of the two colors gives us light and which one we makes it look dull. If the orange color gives us luminosity to the face, we will have warm skin and if the pink color benefits us, we will have cold skin.

The magic is in knowing how to identify our skin, to always look radiant, splendid and “SHINE LIKE THE STARS” .

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