Jewelry Appraisals: Art and Diamonds

Art and Diamonds

Jewelry Appraisals: Art and Diamonds

Nowadays it is very common for many families who have lost a loved one to go to our jewelry stores to be able to distribute jewelery among their relatives.

Also common are robbery cases At homes and insurers require official jewelry appraisal reports to be able to recover the lost financial amount or simply to know the value of your jewelry.

For these reasons and many others, the user needs to obtain an assessment of their jewelry. However, in order to carry out an official report of these characteristics, a appraiser-expert jewelry expert and graduate in gemology and jewelry appraisals. For this reason German Joyero has reached a new agreement with the company Art and Diamonds for the realization of these reports.

Art and Diamonds They specialize in jewelry and also in art and antiques with a large and well-trained group of expert appraisers who will help you with everything related to valuations. On the other hand, they are not related to the purchase and sale of jewelry and will carry out their appraisals in accordance with the regulations of the sector at home or in your gemological laboratory.

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