Jewelry with tanzanites: The fashionable gemstone

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Jewelry with tanzanites: The fashionable gemstone

Do you know tanzanite jewelry? It is one of the jewelry most authentic you can find in the world. Its history as well as its appearance make it unique and one of the most sought after gemstones today.

What are tanzanites

After a fire on the famous Mount Kilimanjaro, some “Maasai” prospectors discovered some glowing stones. They were blue, small, but they stood out in the entire landscape incessantly, especially in the face of all the ash left behind by the fire.

These precious stones found by those men that day, around 1967, are known today as tanzanites.

This discovery prompted more and more prospectors to come forward to find what they believed to be sapphires.

A few years passed when, through gemological analysis, it was discovered that they were not sapphires, but a new gemstone hidden for 6000 years, the blue zoisite.

They are said to be 1000 times rarer than diamond. You can now get an idea of how precious jewelry with this material can be.

The only deposit in the world is in Tanzania and is expected to disappear in less than 10 years.

Jewelry with tanzanite

In the market, it was Tiffany & Co who was quick to bet on these jewels starting in 1968. The name well from “tanzanite”, the “Tanzanian stone”.

We may think that the value of this stone is high, but the truth is that tanzanite jewelry increases its value year by year. There is a high demand for these jewels, but fewer and fewer tanzanite deposits.

They were not discovered until now, why?

This unheated stone has a reddish color that is not at all conspicuous to the human eye.

It is quite possible that this is the main reason why this stone has been discovered so recently and, therefore, perhaps tanzanite jewelry is not so well known.

The fire we told you about before was what made them reach such a striking bluish color and made those prospectors stop to pick up those first stones.

How do we know it is real?

This question is repeated with many types of jewelry. We must identify several colors, we will find sapphire blue, violet or even green. It has a transparent clarity and a hardness of 6.5 on the Mohs scale.

Actually, we can only know if we verify these data, you can do it with a professional gemologist, who will be happy to help you with this task.

How to care for these jewels

In terms of care, we must take into account its level of hardness. This, as mentioned above, is close to 6, which makes it “vulnerable” to friction with another element.

It is recommended that you avoid contact with other objects that may damage the visual aspect of the stone (which is also the beauty of the stone). Nor should you do any heavy lifting by carrying some tanzanite, of course.

We have already mentioned that tanzanite reaches its color thanks to heat, however, it is not advisable to expose it to direct heat.

In that case, the stone would break or deform. This is a much more complex thermal process than we can simulate in a house.

To clean it, it is recommended to use warm water with a mild soap, brush it carefully and remove the soap. Everything would be ready by now.

Of course, it is not something cheap, so you can find imitations in glass or even synthetic stones much more affordable to a normal pocket, to have them.

Nevertheless, we can recommend that you at least get to know this type of jewelry and, who knows, maybe for a special occasion?

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