January, the month of Garnet


January, the month of Garnet

The Garnet It is the gem of the month of January, a semi-precious stone of rounded or oval shape that is obtained from deposits located in Madagascar , India , Brazil , Sri Lanka and USA . Its name comes from the Latin word ‘granatus’ “with grains” -, probably referring to the ‘malum granatum’ ,that is to say: ‘pomegranate tree’ , a plant whose seeds have a shape, size and color similar to that of some garnet crystals.

Unpolished garnet

Today, garnet crystals are used mainly in the jewelry sector. In addition, it is tradition that it is the popular choice for give away on the occasion of the second wedding anniversary . However, in ancient times it had many other meanings and attributions:

  • In Ancient Egypt it was considered a antidote against snake bite , or as a remedy against food poisoning . It was also thought to have the healing ability to reduce fever .
  • It was used as amulet during travel , as it was thought to protect travelers from all evils and dangers.
  • He was credited with the faculty of protect from nightmares and of orient in the dark of the night.
  • It was used in Asia and the southwestern United States as rifle bullets as it had a reputation for increasing the severity of injuries.

Garnet is said to be a stone with great strength, related to the zodiac sign of Aquarium , and that symbolizes the vitality , the passion and the enthusiasm : The perfect combination to start the year off right! 




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