How long before the wedding is the engagement ring delivered?

How long before the wedding is the engagement ring delivered?

The moment of the delivery of the engagement ring is one of the most important in the love story of a couple.

When it comes to planning the ring and the moment to give it to the bride and groom, either through a proposal celebration or another type of event (there are many possibilities), it is normal to organize it with time and love so that everything goes perfectly.

One of the doubts that can arise is how much time in advance to deliver the ring with respect to the wedding or if the moment of delivery of the rings should be before or after the organization of the wedding. engagement rings should be before or after the organization of the wedding.

In other words, is it better to plan all the ins and outs of the wedding before or after this moment?

Surprise ring delivery

Every couple is a world, there are some that already have so many conversations regarding the topic that this is not going to catch you by surprise, but there may be another situation where you, as a man, have decided that your partner should become your wife because you are sure that she is the woman of your life.

Sometimes, it is nice to set up a romantic atmosphere where you can make that declaration, you are looking for something unique, where you can surprise and please and that, of course, will say yes.

Here the first thing would be to buy the solitaire ring solitaire ring, for example, based on her tastes and everything you know and know about her.

Logically, you are going to do this without knowing exactly the answer (although you can intuit it) and the anticipation of the wedding will be what you or you want it to be. Once this event has passed, you will have time to plan all the details of the wedding.

You have to think about the purchase of the ring, as well as organize the surprise event, it can be a special trip, a romantic dinner in a romantic place with a lot of meaning for both of you, whatever you want.

Planned ring delivery

If the theme of the wedding has been discussed beforehand, this can be done in a planned way, so we can organize the wedding aspects before the delivery.

Knowing your partner’s tastes in terms of the ring is something that you will have easier, in addition, you can also organize together the moment of the proposal, it is always an important moment for both of you and it should be something special.

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