Proposal tips

Proposal tips

Proposal tips

For everything in life there is a protocol and the request for a hand is no exception. We know that today the formalities regarding this issue have been greatly relaxed.

It is true that, depending on the country, this custom of asking for a hand and handing over the engagement ring continues, with or without the family.

When the event is more formal, a dinner or party is held where the families of both meet, and the groom officially asks for the hand of his bride.

But this has actually been lost and it is usually the couple themselves who formalize their meeting in private, usually at a romantic dinner. Especially since many couples already live together, and the engagement ring is the confirmation that they want to get married and start a family.

However, a proposal can be perfect despite the nerves that accompany it (because you always get nervous when deciding to change your life).

How will the ring be

It must be taken into account that an engagement ring is not a wedding band. It is traditionally worn on the ring finger, and depending on the area of the world where you are, it will be on the left or right.

The ring can be 18 kt gold or platinum, and the stone is usually a diamond. It is recommended that the gold be white, so that it looks good with the diamond. The size, size and color generally depend on the taste of the bride (and the budget).

Solitaire is usually the most classic engagement ring. It is set in a claw so that all its beauty is in view. The setting can be 4 or 6 claws (depending on the size of the stone).

However, there are other more modern types, which current women like more: the princess cut –a square cut of the diamond–, the crossed ring, where the ring is broken and joined by the stone, and the solitaire with side diamonds , formed by small diamonds throughout the entire ring.

They are different options for the same purpose.

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