Wedding bands: New trends

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Wedding bands: New trends

If you are in the process of organizing the wedding, one of the most important things is precisely the wedding bands . For that, it is good to know what the latest fashion trends are in terms of wedding bands , which is what we are going to talk about in this article.

Matching wedding bands

In weddings, tradition is something that has a lot of weight, therefore, many people opt for the traditional and in this case, the alliances must be the same.

But we can be “groundbreaking” in that regard. In fact, more and more couples are doing it, so we can define the fact of wearing different wedding bands, as one of the current trends.

In this sense, there are many variants, they can be completely different, be the same except in a detail or complement each other.

Any option is valid if you want to dare to give a different “touch” to your wedding and a good way to do it is through the wedding ring .

Fine and diamond wedding bands

It takes the minimalist, the elegant and the fine. You can choose something that gives it an even more sophisticated touch and choose diamonds. If you combine these with white or rose gold it can be great.

The most important thing is that you keep in mind that not only does yellow gold work, but you have many more options.

The alliance should reflect your own personality, so experimenting in this sense will always make a lot of sense for the most important people in this case, which is you.

When to make the choice

This is another of the common questions and doubts that many people have most frequently. When to start looking at wedding rings to make your final choice.

The recommendation is to do this about 3 or 4 months before the wedding. This way you can do everything in a calm way and you will have time to think about what exactly you want. You can customize it, you can adjust last minute details that may be necessary.

If the idea you have is to add a diamond, you have to do this with a little more time, since setting the stone requires that same time.

The most important thing is to choose something that you feel good about now, not to think about what it may or may not look like in a few years, think about the “now”.

Unique shapes

Among many of the trends that you are going to find are the original shapes. Why not a square wedding ring? Of course this is a good way to risk. If you are in a position where you feel like taking risks, looking through alternative ways is a good idea.

The diamonds

Diamonds are also among the trends in recent years. We are not referring to an alliance full of diamonds, but to a single diamond. This is enough to shine.

This is not a novelty, but the way to combine colors, being able to “play” with sizes and colors to look for something “more youthful” is another of the ring trends in recent years.

Alliances will always be the reminder of your wedding. Photo: Germán Jeweler

Custom alliances

More and more, alliances are personalized , we already told you how important it is to feel comfortable with the alliance. Many people decide to fully customize it and this is another of the most common trends that we are going to find.

Colored stones

It is a trend to “play” with the colors of the stone, which includes the color black, the “cognac” tone or other similar ones. Now, we can find colors that do not “conform to the norm” of what we all have in our heads as “something classic”, and that is the true trend.

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