Discover the new ‘BUTTERFLY ALLIANCES’ by Germán Joyero

Butterfly wedding rings

Discover the new ‘BUTTERFLY ALLIANCES’ by Germán Joyero

‘Innovation and tradition’, those are the words that best define the essence of our new line of wedding bands. A new modern and different concept, but with the most traditional meaning.

Its design is unique and avant-garde (patented and registered by Germán Jeweler with patent number 201400510), formed by a double alliance that can be in white, yellow or combined gold. Its particularity resides in that, like a butterfly opens its wings to show all its splendor, these alliances can be opened revealing the inscription of your wedding inside.

If what you are looking for is something different but that maintains the values of a lifetime, Mariposa’s Alliances will be the safest bet. A unique model with which we want to renew our image, and it is accompanied by many other novelties that we will reveal throughout the season.

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