Gift wedding ring holder

wedding ring cushions

Gift wedding ring holder

We continue to launch novelties at Germán Joyero, and all of them are geared towards weddings and their details. Today we want to present you our exclusive Wedding Ring Cushions , made by hand and with the best fabrics. With them you can take your wedding rings to the altar in a different and distinguished way, providing a touch of color on that special day.

In addition, these Alliance Carrier Cushions offer multiple possibilities, since you can choose the one that best matches the clothes of the pages, bridesmaids, flowers or whatever you want.

The exclusivity of these Alliance Holder Cushions is reflected in the fact that, as they are handcrafted, you will not be able to find two alike. They are all unique and unmatched.

In German Joyero you can find the largest catalog of wedding rings in Valencia and Madrid. In addition to our models you can customize your own wedding ring with our 3D design service.

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