What to engrave on the wedding ring?

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What to engrave on the wedding ring?

Wedding rings are elements that have a very important value for couples, which is why their choice is of great importance, not only in the type of wedding ring that will be worn, but what will be engraved on the jewel.

Today you have the opportunity to engrave whatever you want on your wedding rings, combining the classic with the modern to achieve a totally attractive and original design.

Wedding rings: ideas for engraving

Among the most original ideas that you can choose for your wedding rings in a jewelry store are the following:


Some couples usually identify with a symbol that is related to their love, such as a heart, an infinity sign, two hearts, among other figures that are very attractive for wedding rings. It is totally original and discreet.

Part of its history

Even if it is a small jewel, in a jewelry store you can ask that in your wedding rings engrave something that is part of their history, such as a drawing of the place where they met, where they kissed for the first time, among others… this is great and has a lot of meaning for both of them.

The footprints

A fraction of each other’s fingerprint is another great idea to engrave on your wedding rings, as it is something individual that symbolizes the union with your partner forever. This is done using laser technology and should be inquired about in jewelry stores.

The birth of a child

If the bride and groom already have a child, they can engrave their wedding rings with something related to the child’s birth, such as the child’s name, date and footprint, as well as a symbol that identifies with the child’s gender.

All these alternatives are totally different from the classic engraving of wedding rings that is done in a jewelry store, so they are very attractive.

Wedding Rings: Typography

The font is one of the most important aspects when engraving a word or date on the wedding rings, as it must be in keeping with the elegance of the jewelry itself. For this there are multiple alternatives today, although the one that continues to be trendy is the running typeface, which is perfect for this type of rings.

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