Jewelry: the perfect ally for brides with short hair

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Jewelry: the perfect ally for brides with short hair

Many brides with short hair are overwhelmed months before the wedding when they start to think about what hairstyle they will wear for that special day. If you are one of them, you should know that there are many possibilities as elegant or more than if you had long hair.

The short hair contributes to look freshness and fun, but can be turned into elegance and sophistication according to the jewels and accessories that you incorporate into outfit . Floral headdresses, headbands with paillettes, tiaras, ribbons with lace … Everything can be possible!

On German Jeweler we propose a simple hairstyle adorned with a paillettes ribbon. Another advantage of short hair is that you can show off long earrings without the hair covering them or without your look seem too ornate. In this case we suggest some slopes of white gold buttons with diamonds that will make you shine with your own light. In addition, we include a ring of princess-cut diamonds and a spectacular bracelet , also in white gold and diamonds.

Hairstyles and jewelry for brides with short hair

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