Fashion in pink

Fashion in pink

This year 2011, the Basel fair has confirmed something that we already sensed last year: that rose gold was going to be the star. Being the preferred combinations with white gold and with black diamonds and onyx. We also think that it is the step prior to the return of yellow gold after many years of absence, which will probably return with very avant-garde designs, and above all lighter. With the prices that gold is reaching, making lighter jewelry is going to be a necessity to be able to offer earthly prices. It is also no coincidence that black diamonds have become fashionable just as prices for white diamonds are skyrocketing due to strong demand from China and India.

Colored stones (emeralds, sapphires and rubies) are currently less fashionable than both white and black diamonds, or semi-precious stones. If we only talk about design. The jewels that are worn the most tend to be large in size, and in many cases with a retro style … It is already known that everything comes back.

For brides, white gold and diamonds combined with pearls will continue with regard to earrings and pendants. While the engagement rings will continue to be white gold and brilliant-cut diamonds for the more classic brides and white gold and princess-cut diamonds (square diamonds with a star inside) for brides who are a bit more daring.

In short, the fashion of 2011 calls for rose gold, white and diamonds.

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