What are signature jewelry?

signature jewelries

What are signature jewelry?

Signature jewels are exclusive pieces made by jewelery designers that bear their personal stamp and somehow express their aesthetic criteria. The same concept indicates that they are not pieces produced in a chain but made by hand.

The artisan character is one of the factors that distinguishes signature jewelry, and in fact, the jewelry series are small to give each one the attributes of being unique and exclusive.

Author jewelery is also called identity jewelery, as the name of the goldsmith and his own concept of what he wants to achieve is as important as the jewel itself.

Characteristics of signature jewelry

Many jewelry designers have made works of art that remain for posterity. There are many cases in history and throughout the world. One of the most famous cases is that of Fabergé eggs, a jewelry collection created by Carl Fabergé, a Russian goldsmith and jeweler. What we want to highlight is that the most outstanding characteristics of signature jewels are reflected in the most famous jewels in history.


Whether they are on request or if they arise from their own ideas, these jewels have a whole process for their design and development. They are usually known by the name of their creator. This, in short, means that each piece is original because it responds to a personal process of the author.

In addition, these jewelery designers are capable of establishing a relationship between the jewel and the wearer: they are not made for just anyone, but for a particular person.

For example we turn to Fabergé, but jewelery houses also usually put their name on special jewels, such as Tiffany, Boucheron, Cartier or Bulgari, to name just a few.

Manufacturing method

Author jewels , as we already mentioned, they are handmade jewels, never industrial.

Goldsmiths do most of the work, personally overseeing each phase of jewelery creation. Thus, at each stage, you can print your personal stamp, which can be seen in the carving, in the setting, in certain details of noble metal work.

Anyway, that also by manufacturing it is possible to know the author. Materials Signature jewelry is made mainly of gems and precious stones, in addition to using noble metals such as gold, silver or platinum. However, this does not mean that other types of materials cannot be incorporated.

It all depends on the concept that the goldsmith has developed, the highest quality (this is exclusive) and usability.

The result will be valuable, unique and original jewels that represent the aesthetics of their creator.

Parameters for signature jewelry

To make designer jewelry, certain requirements must be respected and met:

• Industrial machines cannot be used for its manufacture.

• The pieces cannot be electrolytic baths: they have to be in their original shape, and they can only be treated with artisanal techniques, such as polishing, enamel, patina, cross-linked, etc.

• Gems must be precious stones.

• The metals will be gold or silver, but some other material that is considered of high quality can be incorporated. Author jewels are more than jewels, they are exclusive works of art, the product of thousands of hours of work, with a personal and personalized concept.

They do not have to be classic or traditional jewels, signature jewelery is also committed to innovation and the avant-garde in fashion, as shown by the goldsmith artists who work in the exclusive jewelery houses of the world.

Inspiration, creativity, the combination of jewelry techniques and knowledge help the identity of the brand.

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