Buy quality diamonds

buy quality diamonds

Buy quality diamonds

Giving is always something nice, especially when the gift we make is expensive and it is for an important event in our lives such as a wedding. Among those wedding gift ideas we can consider giving diamonds.

This is one of the best ways to ask for a commitment from that special person. In addition, giving jewelry is always an idea that you like, especially if we know how to choose the right moment.

But what can we base on when choosing diamonds? We are going to try to see it according to the following characteristics:

According to size

The cut of diamonds is the ratio between its diameter and its depth, so that it can be more or less brilliant. How can you imagine, in this sense, the pocket is very important when making the choice.

The color of the diamond

This is another of the important characteristics that summarizes the final price of this type of jewelry, it is valued more in terms of the absence of color. This is arranged in alphabetical order from the letter D and F, which is the maximum colorless quality, to the letter K that matches the color yellow and they are the most economical.


Purity is another of the characteristics that make one more expensive than another, it is classified into 6 categories. Diamonds called l1, l2 and l3 are the cheapest and are diamonds where imperfections can be seen with the naked eye, on the contrary, FL diamonds are incredibly difficult to find and are those free of imperfections. Carat Carat refers to the weight of diamonds, not size, as is often mistakenly thought. This is another important feature that varies the price of this.

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