How to propose in an original way?

How to propose

How to propose in an original way?

If you have already made the decision to ask your girlfriend to marry you and you already have the engagement rings, it is time to define the date and the place where you will make that request, which must be full of romanticism and originality.

Nowadays there are many methods and tools with which you can propose to your partner and give him/her the engagement rings. in the most beautiful and unique way possible. Some of these ideas may help you with that.

Ask for marriage in a unique way

Whether you prefer engagement rings or just a solitaire ring solitaire ring, you can place it on your partner’s hand in a totally different event with which you can surprise her, among which these stand out:

Use a banner

Ask an advertising company to print you an eye-catching banner, with an original design and an attractive slogan, which you can place in a place where your partner will see it easily, either when leaving home, work or any other place.

The place where they met

The place where you met your partner tends to be quite special, something you can enhance by proposing in that location. Ideally, the venue should not have undergone many changes in ambiance compared to that day.

Paint the floor

Another very original idea with which you will surprise your partner with the marriage proposal is to paint the question on a sign that you put on the floor of the street where she lives, call her and ask her to look out the window so she can see it. For this you just have to make sure it is not a rainy day.

First thing in the morning, with coffee

You can bring your partner breakfast in bed with a coffee mug on which the question is printed, even accompanied by an iconic and special photo of the two of you. It is a simple, but very romantic detail, with which you will probably get that “yes” you want so much.

Take advantage of the aurora borealis

A super romantic and original alternative to propose to your partner is to take a trip to a northern region, at the time of the Northern Lights, and pop the question at a special moment when you are both contemplating the beauty of this natural event.

A sailboat

If you want to propose to your partner in the middle of the sea, one of the best options is to do it on a sailboat, in which you will take a trip to an area with beautiful scenery. At the most special moment you show the solitaire ring and ask her the corresponding question in such an attractive and unique atmosphere.

Send the message with the pet

If you or your partner has a pet such as a cat or dog, you can look for an accessory that looks attractive on it, such as a hat, cap or envelope, in which your partner will find a note with the engagement request or rings when the pet calls. It is a very original idea that neither of us will forget.

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