What should an engagement ring look like?

What should the engagement ring look like?

What should an engagement ring look like?

Choosing engagement rings is not an easy decision, it is something important and with which you will take an important step in life.

Define what you have to rely on when purchasing a solitaire ring engagement rings or a solitaire ring is important for the whole process to be as special as you deserve, let’s take a look at several steps you should take to make sure you buy what you need to buy.

Define the budget

Obviously, this should be one of the main factors, after all, we all have to consider how much money we can spend. It is often said that, to make a good estimate, you should spend the equivalent of three salaries, however, this statement is not entirely correct nowadays, since you are going to find rings for every type of budget.

In this sense, the sentimental value should prevail, think that you are buying something for life with an important symbolism. Price is important, but it is neither definitive nor the only reason for purchase.

Listen to your partner

The ring must have some characteristics that your partner likes, if you have been walking down the street and the conversation has arisen when seeing a jewelry store, possibly it has given you some clue about what he likes and values the most.

Listening about tastes and taking into account what you know that person will help you when making a decision to buy a ring. You should be attentive to all these issues and, above all, listen to her.

Choose the size according to your personality

The cut is the type of cut the center stone has in the ring. It is often said that there is a personality behind each type of size. Thus, depending on the size, this would be the personality it says about that person:

  • Brilliant, one of the most popular, says that the person is honest, traditional or relaxed.
  • Heart, symbolizes eternal love. They are for romantic or sentimental people.
  • Princess, this cut is also very popular due to its straight lines, it is for people who are intelligent, fun or spontaneous.
  • Emerald, this type of cut is perfect for emphasizing the clarity of the diamond. It is for straightforward, hard-working or sophisticated people.
  • Cushion, comes from the Esmeralda cut, but with rounded edges. It is said to be worn by detail-oriented, feminine or sweet people.
  • Teardrop, this cut is also known as pear and is known for its symmetry, the associated personality is extroverted, adaptable or optimistic.
  • Oval, is a more classic cut that stylizes the hand, it is for artists, confident and spontaneous people.

Choose the type of metal

You will have 3 possibilities, yellow gold, which is classic par excellence, white gold, ideal for combining diamonds and blue stones and rose gold if you want something more original and modern. Think about the type your partner would like the most and choose.

The size

Sometimes it can be difficult to know your partner’s exact size, but this is something you also need to think about. You can ask their family and close friends for help and you can even pick up a ring of theirs to check it out. It is up to you to know which is the best option.

Organize the time of delivery

It is important that everything you do, is with time, first, because of the time it can take in a jewelry store (especially if you want engravings and arrangements) and because there is another important point to organize, the time to give it to them.

Some people organize a trip, a romantic dinner, depending on your imagination, you will have to organize accordingly.

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