The best engagement rings

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The best engagement rings

When German Jeweler was founded in 1945, we decided that our jewelry stores should combine the most exclusive designs with the highest quality diamonds. Here we show you the best engagement rings of German Joyero according to the sales made in the last 10 years and of course the opinions of our customers in the jewelry stores in Madrid and Valencia.

German Joyero according to the most known digital media of jewelry and fashion is one of the main leaders in the creation and design of bridal jewelry.

In this article we have decided to show you our most requested engagement rings in different styles and shapes.

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Paris solitaire ring

It is the most requested style by our customers, a timeless and classic ring. The setting is made in 18kt white gold or platinum, the diamond rises in four claws making the diamond sparkle in a special way because light enters easily creating an exceptional brilliance. The arm forms a thin line that rises to the setting with a spectacular brilliant-cut diamond. A classic and elegant ring to give as a gift in special moments.

Capri solitaire diamond ring

An innovative engagement ring that combines the classic diamond alliance with the solitaire cross ring, a mouthpiece that surrounds and protects the diamond, accompanied by side diamonds that enhance the beauty of the whole ring.

Diamond-solitaire-rings-engagement-rings-0CLS10039-CAPRI-03-a-04. German Jewelry Madrid
Diamond-solitaire-rings-engagement-rings-0CLS10023-EMBRACE-03-a-04. German Jewelry Madrid

Embrace diamond ring

The cross solitaire ring is a design that has become very fashionable in recent years. It breaks with the traditional shape of the classic ring in which the symmetry of the frame is straight.

The name Embrace ring is due to the way the setting embraces the diamond, making a delicate yet resistant mouthpiece that manages to give all the prominence to the brilliant.

Engagement ring in Venetian band

A solitaire ring with side arms with bead-set diamonds that allows it to shine in all its splendor. The designer German Lopez has looked for a simple and clean white gold setting for the diamonds to be the protagonists.

This setting is perfectly customizable with another colored gemstone such as tanzanite, ruby, sapphire or emerald. Thanks to our personalized jewelry service from our workshops, the customer will be able to see all his whims satisfied.

Diamond-solitaire-rings-engagement-rings-0CLS10005-RANIA. German Jewelry Madrid

Rania princess cut ring

The princess cut diamond solitaire engagement ring is becoming more and more fashionable. The beautiful square shape of the princess cut looks modern and is a perfect alternative to the classic brilliant cut diamond.

The name of our ring is dedicated to the beautiful Princess Rania of Jordan who represents elegance and luxury par excellence.

Our top 5 best selling rings

Gold and diamond engagement rings of great quality and price with the guarantee of German 1945 jewelers. Choose your engagement ring in our online store or come and meet us at our jewelry stores in Madrid and Valencia to make the most special proposal. Engagement rings made in Spain with quality materials: Platinum, white gold and certified natural diamonds.

From German Joyero we love to participate in those special moments that life has in store for us and that are sealed with an unforgettable gift. We hope you liked our top 5 rings most valued by our customers.

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