Wearing jewelry in summer? yes, but be careful

Wearing jewelry in summer? yes, but be careful

Is there a better time to show off your jewels what during the summer? A time of year in which everything feels much better thanks to that tan tone that we take; in which we are encouraged to wear lighter colors and we dare with jewelry more eye-catching and eye-catchingBut we must not forget the special care and maintenance that our jewelry requires during this season, since it is the one in which they can suffer the most damage. We love that the shine of our jewelry stands out, but you will only achieve it by following a few simple tips.

We must remove our jewelry to clean up , take a bath or take a shower . If the jewelry comes in contact with soap or other chemicals, it can lose its shine. What’s more, chlorine can cause a temporary discoloration of gold jewelry .

Be careful if your holiday destination is coast . We do not recommend that you take your jewelry to the beach, since, although the salt water does not damage the gold, sand can cause scratches . The same happens with pearls, which, although they come from the sea, it is not convenient for them to come into contact with the sand. 

It is also not very appropriate for them to stay in the sun too long, since precious and semi-precious gems can lose their color intensity. Y Beware of sun creams or oils! Make sure that your creams, makeup or perfumes are not in contact with your jewelry, as they will make it matte.


Do periodic cleaning with a cloth so that the gold regains its shine. You can also clean your jewelry with warm water and a few drops of mild dish soap. Do not keep all your jewelry together in the same place, as the friction between them can cause scratches. Store them individually on some soft fabric that protects them.


Surely following these simple steps, you will shine with your favorite jewels this summer . And in case it is too late to recover its shine, do not hesitate to go to our jewelry store. Calle Concha Espina, 5 (Madrid) .

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