The World’s Most Valuable Gems


The World’s Most Valuable Gems

Gems, true natural treasures, have captivated mankind throughout history for economic, religious and aesthetic reasons. Their beauty is not limited to those traditionally considered “precious”, such as diamonds and rubies, but extends to a wide variety of stones. Sapphires, emeralds and rubies are especially valued for their rarity and quality, reflected in their high prices. In addition, Paraiba tourmaline stands out as one of the most valuable gemstones in the world due to its unique blue-green color. In this context, we will explore these natural wonders, where rarity and beauty combine to create unique and fascinating jewels.

Our diamonds


Here we meet the queen of gems, the diamond. However, as with the other most desirable gemstones, it is important to note that only a small fraction of the world’s production meets gemological quality standards. The remainder is marketed in various industrial sectors, such as the drilling industry. To determine the price of a diamond, it is essential to consider the so-called 4 C’s: COLOR, CLARITY (purity), CARAT (weight) and CUT (cut). However, if we refer to Fancy colored diamonds, we are talking about a completely different world. A blue diamond, for example, can cost millions of euros, representing a separate market which we will discuss in our next article.


When it comes to sapphire, we are dealing with a gemstone of such a perfect blue that it is unmatched, even if nature presents this stone in different shades. Since it began to be marketed, its price has always been high, especially those coming from Sri Lanka or Burma, today known as Myanmar. However, not all sapphires have the same value and beauty. In some producing countries, such as Australia, this gemstone is not very appreciated due to its dark blue tone and lack of luster. In this case, production is mainly aimed at the costume jewelry sector, where these stones are set in silver.

The Emerald


The emerald is a very expensive gemstone when its quality determines it. Their intense green color and the absence of impurities in some of them make their prices extremely high. Colombian emeralds are the most valued, coming from mines such as Muzo, La Pita and Coscuez, which offer authentic natural treasures. However, only 6/8% of these gems are considered gem quality, i.e. suitable for the jewelry industry. The best ones can only be found in high-end jewelry stores and can cost thousands of euros per carat.


The ruby, like the sapphire, belongs to the corundum group, stones with a high hardness index. This gem, like the others considered precious, is of great beauty, especially when it presents an intense red color, being the most valued known as “pigeon’s blood”. Myanmar is a paradise for professionals who acquire and trade high quality rubies. Due to their scarcity and beauty, prices can exceed even very good quality diamonds.



Adding to the list of valuable gemstones, Paraiba tourmaline stands out as one of the most precious in the world. With its distinctive blue-green color, this gem is highly valued for its rarity and beauty. Originating mainly from Brazil and Mozambique, Paraiba tourmaline has gained fame for its unique and vibrant hue, making it one of the most coveted gemstones on the market.

Conclusion on the Most Valuable Gems

The world of gems is a fascinating one, with a history going back hundreds or even thousands of years into the past. All civilizations have longed for the riches of the earth and have found gems to be a form of adornment as well as a valuable investment. Scarcity, hardness, rarity and quality are the characteristics that distinguish these precious gems from other stones, and although some may be equally beautiful, they do not possess the same distinctive qualities. Paraiba tourmaline joins this select list, standing out for its exceptional color and its status as one of the most valuable gems in the world.

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