May stone is emerald

May stone is emerald

May stone is emerald

May is the month of the emerald, characterized by having an intense green color and having great value. Every month of the year one or more gemstones are associated as shown in the following image. 




The protagonist of this month is considered one of the four precious stones next to the  Sapphire , the  Ruby  and the  Diamond.  FIt was in Egypt where the first samples of emerald began to be extracted, however, the deposits of this stone in this area disappeared centuries ago. It currently has a presence in countries such as Colombia, Brazil and Zambia. It was precisely in the latter country, in 2010, where a 6,225-carat emerald was found, which they called ” elephant ” due to its enormous size.


Since ancient times, this gem it has been connected to fertility, immortality, reasoning, and spring.  They have a reputation for improving health, healing diseases and ensuring health for the bearer, it was believed that the bearer of the emerald could see the future.


In relation to jewelry, the emerald has to be treated with special care since within the group of berylliums it is one of the most fragile stones. Sometimes they present certain cracks or imperfections visible to the naked eye, it does not mean that the stone is defective, but rather that they confirm its natural authenticity.


Here we have selected some of our best emerald designs:


OSIRIS Emerald and Diamond Ring:   Ring with 2 pear-cut emeralds and 4 brilliant-cut diamonds, set in an 18-karat white gold setting.

PVP: € 990







P emerald and diamond earrings FLOWER :  Rosette earrings with a central emerald, and brilliant-cut diamonds in the border with a total weight of 0.70 carats, set in 18-karat white gold.

PVP: € 1,520








ANAÏS emerald chain and pendant :  18 carat white gold chain and pendant with a 0.25 carat central emerald and a brilliant cut diamond border of 0.15 total carat weight, set in 18 carat white gold.

PVP: € 1,350








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